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Jasmine Thompson is the owner, artist and operator of Jazen's Art Studio. Jasmine started Jazen's as a traveling art studio in 2013 going to various locations teaching art parties. In 2016 she acquired a permanent location in Oak Bluffs and has been expanding to include various services and products. 

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Zenovia D'Elena, Jasmine's mother, is an all around artist. From being a ballroom dance instructor for Arthur Murray, to sculpting and soothing bodies as a physical trainer and massage therapist with her business Art Forms by Zenovia, to creating beautiful murals and amazing art on wood and various surfaces, Zenovia has spent her life living the arts. She is inspired by God, beauty, love and animals. She also enjoys the finer things in life! Tho she is not actively involved with Jazen's Art Studio, she has been inspiring Jasmine since day one.

Meet the Artist

My Background

I am a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design where I received my bachelors degree in Art Education. Since graduation my life as a professional artist has been based on Martha's Vineyard where I now own Jazen's Art Studio. I design custom artwork, create my own jewelry, am contracted to create for clients, and teach art parties and more! 

My Medium

 I am a mixed media painter. Over the past few years I have developed a love for working with sand/dirt aka "earth." I enjoy the texture of working with earth as a base and I find it interesting how different regions have different varieties of color and texture. When I use sand in my jewelry it can be personalized by region with local earth <3

My Inspiration

I am inspired daily by my husband who is supportive as I pursue my dreams; my son who fills me with love; my girlfriends who are incredibly strong and driven; the earth with all of it's colors and textures; life with it's beauty and grit; and emotions so strong that they spill into creation. I am driven daily by the intense urge to create.