Where is Jazen's Art Studio located?

Street Address

220 County Rd

Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Mailing Address

PO Box 2638

Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

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What are Art Parties?​​

Art Parties are hosted by Jazen's Art Studio.  They are 1.5-2.5 hour of fun-filled, easy going art lessons (usually paintings but can sometimes be in other mediums like collage or needlepoint etc...). Art Parties are held on Martha's Vineyard in MA and surrounding areas of the Cape and New England.  An experienced instructor will work with with the whole group and lead everyone step-by-step through creating a specifically chosen piece of art. The art is typically on a 12" X 16" canvas, which fits comfortably into a carry-on. The images chosen are often (but not always) based on landmarks, landscapes, or items that are associated with the area. In the end you will have enjoyed a great time filled with creativity and music with friends while you create a souvenir of your vacation or a take-away from your night out that can last you a lifetime! 

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I've heard of Create and Cocktails...is that Jazen's?


Jazen's Art Studio used to do only adult painting events at bars and restaurants that we branded "Create and Cocktails" but now we have ventured into children's parties and have begun doing different types of events, plus let's face it, not everyone drinks (and sometimes people thought we were "CREATING" Cocktails...which we are not), so we have simplified our event name to be an all encompassing "Art Party"...has a nice ring to it don't ya think? :)

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How do I choose the painting or project?

If you are signing up to attend an Art Party that has already been scheduled, then the project has been picked for you YAY...that was easy :) However if you are planning a private party you may go to our gallery of Art Party projects. There is always the possibility that Jasmine will create a custom painting for your event, just ask... if there is time then it can probably be done!

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What about cocktails and snacks?



Sometime we hold special events in locations that sell alcohol and also hold BYOB events. You must be 21 years of age to drink at Art Party events, so you will be carded even if you BYOB. Please ALWAYS drink responsibly, we love you and we want to you to be safe and happy.   


Events held at Jazen's Art Studio are BYOS (Bring your own SNACKS)! Some event are held in restaurants/bars...in that instance the event will not be BYOS as food will be available for purchase from the establishment. 

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Do I need experience as a painter?


Everything being taught is created with all artistic abilities in mind   


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​Will Jazen's host a private event at my house?


Jazen's will be happy to host an event at your home, vacation rental, or any other location of your choice and will be happy to do adult and children's parties!!  

Martha's Vineyard is our home base, however distance and event date availability pending, Jazen's will come off island to host an event at your location. Jazen's can provide two 6 ft tables if you need that can comfortably seat 5 or 6 people. Jazen's does not provide chairs or additional tables, so the location must be suited to host the amount of people you desire.  To discuss a private event please go to the CONTACT PAGE and submit a form with your information or feel free to call 508-684-8041 and leave a message...I will promptly respond!

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What is the cost of an Art Party and what does it include?

Do you do children's birthday parties?

How do I sign up for an Art Party event?


Due to limited space and materials it is best to pre-register for the event to save your place.  Each event will have a BUY NOW button with the option pay using PayPal or any major credit card....YOU'RE REGISTERED!

Walk-ins are always welcomed!! But as space and materials are limited, availability is not guaranteed.


Please CONTACT the studio either by *email or a phone call to discuss dates and and times available

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Where are Art Party events held?

Mostly at Jazen's Art Studio, however, event locations can vary. If a public event is held somewhere other than Jazen's Art Studio it will be clearly noted on the registration page

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​How do I redeem a gift certificate?


Currently to redeem a gift certificate you must sign up and pay for a class to save your spot. Upon arrival, present the gift certificate to the instructor and you will receive a refund for the gift certificate amount within 24 hours. If your gift certificate amount exceeds the price of the class you will be given the gift certificate back with your remaining balance and will receive a refund with the amount of the class within 24 hours. Cash will not be issued for the remaining balance of the gift certificate, and the balance can not be used for the purchase of food or drinks as Jazen's Art Studio is not responsible for food or drink even if the event is held in a bar or restaurant. 

*we are in the process of making this an easier process

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What time should I arrive?

Please arrive at about 10-15 minutes before the event time. You will want to grab your materials, find your seat, and of course mingle!!

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What is the age limit?

Well-behaved teens are welcome for adult parties!! We also host special parties for children 5+. 

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What should I wear?

Jazen's Art Studio uses acrylic paint due to the quick drying nature of the medium (you can take your painting right home with you!!) however, acrylic turns to plastic once dry and can ruin clothing. You will be provided with a smock as protection but if you are concerned about your clothing, do not wear something that you love. Jazen's takes no responsibility for ruined clothing.

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Can I cancel after I register for an event?

Because Jazen's has limited space and cannot accept further reservations after a class fills up, we require that you cancel at least 24 hours prior to your event to receive a refund.  (We will hold your space if we are expecting you)

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